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2013 Minneapolis Open Data Questionnaire Press Release


Open Twin Cities Issues Open Data Questionnaire to Minneapolis Candidates

Asks candidates for views and plans regarding citizens’ access to downloadable city data

Minneapolis, MN – This week, Open Twin Cities distributed a questionnaire to all Minneapolis Mayoral and City Council candidates concerning Open Data in the city of Minneapolis. The questionnaire, which aims to highlight Open Data and discover the candidates’ views on this important issue, is the latest effort by Open Twin Cities to the increase the availability and use of Open Data in Minneapolis.

Open Data is the idea that citizens should have quick and inexpensive access to download and use the raw data that governments control. Historically, access to this data has only been available via formal data requests to government entities, sometimes at significant expense. Recently, a national movement to increase citizen access to government data has seen large cities, states, and the federal government publish datasets on websites and data portals, inviting everybody to download these datasets simply by clicking a link.

“PDF and paper reports are no longer enough to support accountability and innovative problem solving. Citizens, journalists, and organizations of all types are demanding access to government data, in a format that they can analyze, build upon, and reuse” says Open Twin Cities Co-Captain Bill Bushey.

Candidates will have until October 1st to respond to the questionnaire. Shortly thereafter, Open Twin Cities will share the results of candidate responses with local media and on http://www.opentwincities.org. The questionnaire can be seen at http://bit.ly/MplsOpenDataQuestions, along with a cover letter and an Open Data FAQ.

Open Twin Cities is a community organization focused on civic improvement through grassroots technological innovation. In partnership with public and private organizations throughout the metro, Open Twin Cities holds large and small events to spur the deployment of new technological tools that address civic and community needs.

(This release is available as a Google Doc, and can be downloaded as a Word document or as a PDF.)