Ramsey and Hennepin Counties Pass OpenGIS Resolutions

Yesterday, Ramsey and Hennepin Counties became the first counties to respond to MetroGIS’s recommendation that metro counties provide free and open access to their GIS data by approving open GIS resolutions!



Ramsey County Board Vote

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Note that during the discussion MetroGIS is acknowledged for all of the work they have put in researching and arguing for open GIS, and E-Democracy is noted for its support of open data.

Hennepin County Board Vote

The Hennepin County vote is a much quicker affair; the open GIS resolution was part of a larger, previously agreed upon consent item. However, a more significant discussion about the open GIS did occur a week earlier during the Februrary 4th meeting of the Library, Technology & General Government Committee. Video of that discussion is below.

Congratulations and thank you to MetroGIS on everything they’ve done to reach this point.



Added video of the February 4th, 2014 Hennepin County Library, Technology & General Government Committee meeting.