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3rd Monday & 4th Thursday

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Mission Statement

Open Twin Cities fosters an inclusive community of civic collaboration and champions open government and civic technology for positive social impact.


  • To build a welcoming, representative community of technologists, public servants, and civic leaders.
    • Ensure our forums are welcoming and accessible to everyone
    • Ensure our community represents the Twin Cities community at large
    • Establish relationships and knowledge sharing with the community of citizens and public, private, and non-profit organizations
    • Promote constructive communication and collaboration within in our community.
  • To innovate and experiment in civic technology
    • Experiment in the creation and deployment of open data and civic technology
    • Ensure longevity and maintenance of successful experiments in open data and technology
  • To make data more open and raise awareness of the value of open data.
    • Raise public awareness of open data sources in and about the Twin Cities
    • Promote discussions of open data
    • Increase accessibility of data in and about the Twin Cities
  • To build civic technology that solves community needs.
    • Build applications that serve the Twin Cities
  • To educate ourselves and the public about the value and implementation of open data and civic technology.
    • Educate the public and each other around civic technology
    • Lead a public discussion on open data and civic technology