CURA Housing Forum on Open Data and Rental Housing

The City of Minneapolis is moving towards passing an Open Data policy that, over time, will change the way the public can access and utilize public data. This new policy will impact community-based organizations and their constituents, city staff, neighborhoods, social enterprises, and others by creating new ways to ask and answer questions and develop better solutions. What does this mean for equitable housing goals? How can data support just rental housing policy and practices, and when can relying on data to make decisions and advocate with renters fall short? Hear from both City and community leaders about their work with data and data-driven decision-making in Minneapolis neighborhoods.

Following the Housing Forum, you’re invited to join Bill Bushey from Open Twin Cities for an intro to open data. What does “open data” mean? What might the City of Minneapolis’s new policy mean for community-based organizations and for technology developers? Share thoughts about what you need to better utilize open data in your work.

This Housing Forum is co-hosted by CURA (as part of the CURA:Tech civic technology program) and Open Twin Cities. Open Twin Cities is a civic tech and design user group that meets monthly to share ideas and work on civic projects, and has posted a good FAQ about Open Data available online.