August Book Club

Civic tech isn’t just about coding and designing. There are a lot of great books and articles out there that address society, culture, technology, discrimination, economics, and all those other things we care about. So lets read and talk about some of them.

For our first month, let’s read Cool Code Bro by Nick Parish.

Cool Code Bro is a recently released, short (~75 pages) Kindle book that covers the growth of the brogrammer - the bro who can code. What does an influx of bros into the world of programming mean for the culture of software development? How does it reflect, and impact, the gender dynamics of the programming community? Just what is a bro? Let’s read it and find out.

For this Book Club meeting, we are excited to hold this event in conjunction with the HotHouse co-working pilot at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. We are especially excited that this meeting will include a 30 minute tour of the Institute’s collection focused on pieces related to the themes of Cool Code Bro, led by MIA Docent Pamela Swanson.

As usual, food will be provided.

Got ideas of what to read for future book club meetings? Add them here.