April 28th Open Work Meetup

We’ll be having our monthly open work meetup again at the Humphrey School on April 28th at 6pm. Bring yourself, your skills, your passion, and your ideas. We’ll bring pizza.

Poplus Website Screenshot

Learn About Poplus From Steven Clift

This month we’re excited to welcome Steven Clift, Executive Director of E-Democracy, to Open Twin Cities. Steven is dropping by to tell us about Poplus, an international open source project and community that’s establishing standards to enable civic technologies to work together. In addition, Poplus is creating civic technology components - plugin-like bits of code that organizations and developers can use to quickly add common civic tech functionality to their applications. You can learn more about Poplus at their website, see code at their GitHub, and join the discussion on their Google Group.

We’re Recording This

Want to see Steven’s talk about Poplus, but you can’t make it to the Humphrey School? Well this month we’re trying something new - we’re going to record Steven’s presentation! If all works out, we’ll have a video of this presentation to share with everybody after the meetup.

Update - MP3 of Steve’s Presentation

Well, everything didn’t quite work out, and we lost the video of Steve’s presentation. However, we did save the audio of Steve’s Poplus presentation!

You can listen to the MP3 below. You can also download the MP3 from SoundCloud.


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