May 26th Open Work Meetup

We’ll be having our monthly open work meetup again at the Humphrey School on May 26th at 6pm. Bring yourself, your skills, your passion, and your ideas. We’ll bring pizza.


Unfortunately, Laura was sick the evening of this meetup, so her presentation on the Service Design in Government Conference did not occur. We plan to reschedule this for a future meetup.

The Service Design in Government Conference with Laura Andersen

Laura Andersen

In March 2015, Laura Andersen, Open Twin Cities Civic Design Lead, attended the Service Design in Government conference in London, England. Government representatives and designers from the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia and more presented on how they’re including human-centered design perspective in government services and policy development.

Join us on May 26th when Laura will share some of the high points of what she learned about what’s going right and what’s going . . . not so right as governments across the world test and iterate new and improved government services using service design.

We’re Recording This

Want to see Laura’s talk about Service Design in Government, but you can’t make it to the Humphrey School? Well this month we’re trying something again - we’re going to record Laura’s presentation! If all works out, we’ll have a video of this presentation to share with everybody after the meetup.


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