July 28th Open Work Meetup

We’ll be having our monthly open work meetup again at the Humphrey School on July 28th at 6pm. Bring yourself, your skills, your passion, and your ideas. We’ll bring pizza.

Minnesota Bikeways

Minnesota Bikeways Team

Biking is strong in the Twin Cities, thanks to miles of trails and lanes, a big community, and lots of bike focused organizations. There are also a number of applications out there for bikers, but none that really meet the needs of Twin Cities bikers. At Hennepin County’s GeoCode, the Minnesota Bikeways team set out to fix that, and started on a responsive prototype based on Open Street Maps and Leaflet. Since then, the MN Bikeways team has continued to develope their idea and their prototype.

We’re excited to welcome the Minnesota Bikeways team to the meetup! Join us on the 28th to learn more about the Minnesota Bikeways project and where it is heading.

We’re Recording This

Want to see the MN Bikeways talk, but you can’t make it to the Humphrey School? Well this month we’re trying something again - we’re going to record the presentation! If all works out, we’ll have a video of this presentation to share with everybody after the meetup.


If you’re looking for project ideas, checkout:


July 24th

Unfortunately, Laura has to be out of town during the meetup. Fortunately, the MN Bikeways team, is coming to the meetup to present on their project. This page has been updated to reflect this change in presentation.