Open Twin Cities at the Minnesota Government IT Symposium

The 34th Annual Minnesota Government IT Symposium is happening next week, and Open Twin Cities is going to be there through out the event! If you’re going to the IT Sympsoium, be sure to checkout one of our sessions, or just come by and say ‘hi’:

Open Government and Civic Tech Summit

Organizations are using the new mindsets of open government, open data, and civic technology to deliver new and improved services to residents. Join us as we learn and discuss innovative civic technologies from around the world, the open government and open data experiences of Minnesota governments, and help shape the future of civic technology and open government in Minnesota via a facilitated participatory discussion.

Civic Tech in Minnesota - Vision and Practice

Civic technology. Open government. Open data. What are these concepts, and how do they work? Learn how to engage with residents for fresh perspectives, new ideas, improved understanding, and perhaps some prototype services and technologies. This session will include an overview of Hennepin County’s Geo:Code code-a-thon and Accessibility Jam as concrete examples of how to implement an open government strategy.

Open Twin Cities Table at the MN Innovation Center

Since 2012, hundreds of Minnesotan residents, technologists, government personnel, and issue experts have participated in civic technology events, including Hack for MN, Capitol Code, Geo:Code, and CityCampMN, spurring dozens of new technology ideas, and building a few as well. Find out

There will also be hands on demonstrations of applications that have been created via civic technology from Minnesota and from across the country.