June 28th Map-stravaganza with MaptimeMSP

Open data + CartoDB = Map-stravaganza!

This month, we’ll be holding a joint meeting with MaptimeMSP to bring together the power of open data with the visual thrill of maps! Come ready to learn about open data, maps, and how you can combine the two to make exciting visualizations. The plan:

  1. Maptime MSP member, Molly McDonald, will demo CartoDB for us, a powerful but easy-to-use mapping tool.
  2. Open Twin Cities will demo some of the Minnesota open data portals.
  3. We’ll break up into teams and start mapping some of our favorite open data sets together.
  4. At the end of the meetup, we’ll demo our maps and choose our favorites! (Prizes may be involved.)

Code of Conduct

As with any event hosted by Open Twin Cities, our Code of Conduct will be in effect during this meetup. Respect different experiences, view points, and skills. Respect each other.


If you’re looking for project ideas, checkout: