February Book Club - "Data and Goliath"

Civic tech isn’t just about coding and designing. There are a lot of great books and articles out there that address society, culture, technology, discrimination, economics, and all those other things we care about. So let’s read and talk about some of them!

In February, we’ll meet on a Saturday afternoon at the Walker branch of Hennepin County Libraries to discuss “Data and Goliath”, by Bruce Schneier. Schneier’s book discusses the growing role of data collection in business and government, and the immense surveillance potential this creates. He also explores the communal values–such as justice, commercial fairness, and security–that are at stake, and ends with concrete policy ideas for concerned citizens.

If you only have time to read part of the book, then skim one or two of the sections that interests you most and we can compare notes! We look forward to seeing you there!

You can find the book at:

Note: This is a “bring your own coffee” event (if you find yourself needing coffee on a Saturday morning). But please remember that the library only allows covered beverages in the conference room.

Want to help organize future book clubs? Let us know at contact@opentwincities.org

Got ideas of what to read for future book club meetings? Add them to https://workflowy.com/shared/7c2f4fb4-41d4-d38d-55c7-ec631e6d0436.