January 24th Meetup

This month, we’ll be joined by special guest Eugene Belinski from Software for Good to talk about personal surveillance self-defense techniques that are accessible to anyone interested in securing their own data footprint. He’ll share tips on using secure messaging, secure internet browsing, two-factor authentication, and other topics participants may be interested in–so bring your curiosity and your questions!

Eugene is a mobile application developer at Software for Good in Minneapolis. He is an advocate for digital rights and free expression. Through his work at Software for Good, he has built mobile apps related to health care research, organ donation, and LGBT issues.

This rest of this meeting will be an open lab time where we will work on projects. Come with ideas for projects, things you may have already started, or we’ll try to match you up with an already existing project or idea.

Code of Conduct

As with any event hosted by Open Twin Cities, our Code of Conduct will be in effect during this meetup. Respect each other.


If you’re looking for project ideas, checkout: