Code Switch 2017

Have you ever had an idea for how to strengthen your community? Do you have a desire to use your skills or knowledge to solve critical social problems?


A free, two-day civic hackathon where community members connect to co-create solutions that disrupt inequity.

Yes. Code Switch is for everyone. Code Switch is for you. We are looking for techies AND non-techies - from developers to entrepreneurs, artists, educators, business professionals, concerned citizens, everyday people and more! Great solutions are born when innovators from the community lead the process—from ideation to launch.


You will work on a team that has an idea to make your community more livable or equitable. Your team has the chance to turn the idea into an actual product that helps solve a pressing problem in your community. There is good food, folks and fun!


Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to Disrupt Inequity - leverage your knowledge and skills to reduce the gaps that exist in Minnesota. Gain a broader and deeper understanding of the issues we face and use inclusion, objective data and technology to co-create solutions that will lead to a higher quality of life for ALL Minnesotans.


Code Switch is opportunity for you to join others to discuss disparities across important quality of life topics and come up with solutions. There are multiple ways to address the challenge. Here are the focus areas:

Great! How Do I Sign Up?

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