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Open Twin Cities is full of opportunities for you to help the Twin Cities! Do you know anything about the following? Do you want to learn? Click and find out how you can get involved with a project or with organizing Open Twin Cities.

Community Management

Are you a volunteer coordinator?

Community is the heart of Open Twin Cities. Hundreds of civicly concerned residents are part of the Open Twin Cities community. To support this community and serve the Twin Cities, Open Twin Cities needs to know who is part of this community, ask community members what they want, and help community members find projects and events to take part in.

Do you want to help manage a community of concerned and talented Twin Citi-eans? Have ideas on how to do this? Know of tools that can help? You can get started by posting some survey questions to the Open Twin Cities Google Group !

Have Ideas

Are you a person?

The Open Twin Cities community lives on issues and new ideas to discuss, share, design, create, and test.

Do you have a rough idea that you'd like to talk over? Looking for advice on how to start a new project? Wonder what is possible? Have an idea you'd like to turn into a prototype or a project? Join us at our next meetup or event, or send a post to the Open Twin Cities Google Group .

Plan Events/Host Meetups

Want to facilitate groups, or host events?

Events and meetups are the heart of what Open Twin Cities does. Some are big and some are small. Some happen every month, some happen every year, and some happen only once. We hold all kinds of events: open work meetups, presentations, hackathons, service jams, book clubs, project focused work nights, unconferences, discussions, and more. We hold events with partners like Hennepin County and the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs. Sometimes, we help groups start whole new events. We beleive more events are more opportunities for new ideas, discussions, solutions, and connections. And we want to hold more events.

Events and meetups are full of opportunities to get involved as a host, a facilitator, a planner, an organizer, or a connector. Come to our next event and you can start hosting and facilitating!

Project Management

Are you a PM? Want to agile?

Projects that succeed - that are worked on and create a tool that gets used - have a person who faciltates things getting done by organizing the project. A person who turns ideas, bugs, and feature requests into concrete tasks. A person who prioritizes these tasks. A person who knows who does what on the project. A person who welcomes newcomers to the project and helps to get them setup (or points them to others who can help them get setup).

Do you like to organize projects? Show us what you can do; take a look at the Projects page , pick a project, and post your organizing ideas to the Open Twin Cities Google Group ! We'll be happy to connect you with a project in need of some order.


Are you a programmer?

Most Open Twin Cities projects involve programming in someway, whether it's writing code or talking about what is possible. If you know how to code, there are plenty of opportunties to clone repos and start committing. For example, here are three currently open tickets you can work on right now:

You can also checkout the Projects page and look for projects that match your interests or your languages of choice.

Want to start committing some code? If you've found a ticket, post a comment, fork the project, read the README, and write some code. If you've found a project, contact the project's manager to find out how to help. If you're still looking, come to our next event, or send an email to contact@opentwincities.org .


Are you a market researcher? A policy wonk? An academic? A Googler?

Open Twin Cities projects and events are often about complicated issues that prompt a lot of questions. Who is effected by an issue, and how? Which organizations, government bodies, and people are familiar with the issue? What have they learned? What other cities and states have faced the issue? What solutions have they tried (tech or otherwise)? Can we use what they learned? What else should we know?

Answering these questions and others leads to events and projects that have far greater impact in the Twin Cities. Do you know how to research questions, public policy issues, or technologies? Do you want to help the Twin Cities? Then take a look at the Projects page , and make a post to the Open Twin Cities Google Group . Or, send an email to contact@opentwincities.org to find out how to help out.

Share News

Do you know how to communicate?

There is a lot happening in the Twin Cities, in open government, and in civic tech. Each month brings all kinds of new events, datasets, tools, ideas, policies, and questions that members of Open Twin Cities want to hear about. By helping to share all of this news, you can help to connect members with issues, ideas, and events they care about.

Open Twin Cities has media tools to help you share news, including an email list of 500+ and a Meetup of 650+.

Helping to share news can be as simple as sending some tweets or as ambitious as creating communications strategies. If you're interested in doing either of these, or anything in between, tweet at us at @OpenTwinCities, or make a post to the Open Twin Cities Google Group . Informing people of all the great happenings is a fantastic way to help your Twin Cities.

Story Telling

Are you a writer? A journalist?

The Open Twin Cities community is always doing awesome stuff. Since 2012, there have been dozens of events with all types of government and private partners. We've seen countless ideas proposed and dozens of projects worked on. Collaborations and startups have formed. We've helped to shape city policy and inspired a state initiative to end veteran homelessness. OTCers have done a lot, and there's no sign that we're slowing down any time soon.

Everything mentioned above, and everything to come, is a story. We've written some of those stories, but there are countless others just waiting to be told. If you like to tell stories, be it in writing, in audio, or with video, and you'd like to help tell a great civic tech story, you can get started by posting a short story about you and civic tech to Open Twin Cities Google Group . Every new story helps us to highlight the great work of OTCers, and helps a wider audience to understand just what civic technology and open government are.

UX Design

Are you a service designer? A UX designer?

Great civic tech is well designed to fit the needs of a variety of users, complement organizational processes, and meet users at their abilities. Great civic tech is designed to be intuative despite the complex processes and organizations behind it. Designing great civic tech is challenging and rewarding; it's a great opportunity hone your design skills and be part of something important.

To have a real local impact, most of the ideas and events that the Open Twin Cities community takes part in requires user experience designers. If you're a designer who wants to be part of a project, or a future event, please send an email to contact@opentwincities.org or make a post to the Open Twin Cities Google Group .

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