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Web Hosting Resources

Do you have a civic app that needs an online home? There are all kinds of free website and app hosting options available, including hosting credits donated to Open Twin Cities from Amazon and Microsoft, thanks to Code for America. Below is a form you can fill out to let us know you’d like to make use of these kindly donated hosting options to host your open source, civic tech tool on a long term basis.

In addition to the hosting resources that Open Twin Cities has, we’d like to point out a few other free hosting options for you to consider. All of these are easy and free to setup or try out. Plus, you don’t have to wait for somebody from Open Twin Cities to get back to you.

Static/Client-side Only Hosting

Web App Hosting

Request hosting via Open Twin Cities

Help manage our hosting

Even with the resources donated to use, keeping web applications online hard. If you’re somebody who knows their way around cloud hosting and is looking for a way to volunteer for your community, drop us a line at contact@opentwincities.org .