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Capitol Code Projects

We would like to thank Tech.MN for recording and posting videos of the final project presentations, which are linked to below.


A tool to help plan outdoor trips, such as to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, based on entry points, length of visit, desired physical rigor, etc…, using data from the Department of Natural Resources Data Deli, Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness, and OpenStreetMap.

Civic Social Media Finder

Aggregation of legislators’ social media profiles, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. in one place. Created a social media spreadsheet hosted on Google that can updated by the public, and a Github repository for a demo application that maps spreadsheet data.

Immigration to MN Visualization

Cleaned and matched-up data to produce visualizations showing the most common countries of origin for immigrants moving to Minnesota between 1990 and 2010. Uses Immigration Data from the State Demographic Center.


Voter engagement tool that confirms voter registration status and provides detailed information about ones’ representatives and upcoming elections. Combines data from the Polling Place Finder (Download - API), Minnesota House and Minnesota Senate membership data, Office of the Secretary of State Voter Registration Status lookup, and the Civic Social Media Finder’s social media map.

People of Color MN

Promoting and Supporting People of Color in Business in Minnesota

Public Data Ecosystem

System architecture for a state wide public data ecosystem, including an “API Store” that allows developers to find all publicly available government APIs in the state, and a portal containing templates that end users can apply to APIs to view human consumable displays of publicly available government APIs.

The Trojan Horse Radish

Mapping tool aggregating food resources in Minnesota. People can find where their food comes from to make informed choices about what they eat. Mashes up data from the Department of Natural Resources, Minnesota Department Agriculture, GardeningMatters.org and MetroGIS.

Voter Registration

Mashed up data from the voter registration by precinct dataset (download - API) with Census data, and created a project plan to help community organizers and political activists identify underrepresented, unregistered voters in order to direct registration and political action activities.

Voter Wait Time

Project proposal to build a technology that allows voters at the polling place to report via text how long they have waited to vote, allow citizens to see what the wait time is at their polling place, and allow administrators to see average wait times across precincts

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