Hack for MN 2015

On June 6th, hackers around the country will gather to do good as they create good code. The National Day of Civic Hacking 2015 will bring together citizens, developers, designers plus government staff to collaboratively create build and invent.

Hack for Change, the White House sponsored national event uses publicy-release data, code and technology to solve challenges relevant to our naighborhoods, our cities, our states and our country.

In past events, seventy-seven cities across the US have participated. Two years ago at the Hack for MN event sponsored and held at DevJam Studios, OMGTransit went to the White House to present their app. This particular event say attendence from local, state and federal agencies. We look forward to their continued participation this year.


Doors Open at 9:00am

Opening Remarks:

10:30am?? Team Formation and Hacking

Noon: Lunch Provided by Studio 2

Afternoon Talk:

5:00pm - Dinner provided by Studio 2

7:00pm - Happy Hour starts, sponsored by GovDelivery

7:30pm - Presentations start

8:30pm - Judges award prizes;

Closing remarks Senator Franken



Sponsors and Organizers

Special Thanks to Josh Kennedy for all his hard work on this! Thanks to our sponsors and organizers who helped make this happen!

GovDelivery is hiring! Check them out at http://geeks.gd Studio2 Code for America DevJam Studios

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