Hack for MN 2014

Hack for MN 2014 is coming to the Nerdery on Saturday June 21st and Sunday June 22nd!

Hack for MN Returns

Hosted by Open Twin Cities, Hack for MN 2014 will be the second annual gathering of passionate and engaged citizens given the opportunity to explore and drive solutions for local community needs. Hack for MN is Minnesota’s contribution to Hack for Change, the White House sponsored national event that draws citizens, community leaders, government representatives, designers, and technologists to events in 90+ cities around the country to empower communities via new tools and novel ideas.

Hack for MN invites Minnesotans to engage in “civic hacking” - to use the tools available to us to creatively build new solutions for community and civic problems. This will be a fun and enriching event where teams turn ideas into action for the good of the citizens of Minnesota. Expect an extremely active day focused on doing, not just talking.

Heading Home Challenge - Service Design for Homeless Veterans

This year Hack for MN will include a track focused on the Governor’s initiative to end homelessness among Minnesota veterans by the end of 2015. In partnership with the Minnesota Interagency Council on Homelessness and MN.IT, Hack for MN invites people to participate in a facilitated service design track that will explore homelessness among veterans, nurture new tools and processes that address this issue, create prototypes to bring ideas to life, and discuss strategies for testing the effectiveness of these innovations.

Follow Up on July 8th at DevJam Studios

With the help of DevJam Studios, we’re holding a follow-up event on Tuesday, July 8th. For the first time, we’re inviting participants to reflect on their projects and get advice on how to move forward. Join us on 7/8, 5:30pm to 8pm for an opportunity to discuss your project, your team’s progress, and your needs for further development.

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Hope to see you there!

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